In my career so far, of all the projects I worked on, this is by far the one I felt I had more creative freedom. I was lucky to work at the very initial stage so nothing was set in stone and I could just try everything I wanted. I hope you enjoy looking at these images as much I did when I was working on them. I couldn't work on the project until the end as my plans changed and I ended up being production designer on Supa Team 4 working for Triggerfish.
The first few images where style frames for the show, following up explorations of some of the sets.

The was the original concept art made by Katri Valkamo, she later on art directed the 2 short episodes that were produced.

I decided to finish with this image because although it was one of the first images I created, I still like very much the simple shapes, the vibrancy of the colours, the mood and the heavy painterly effect.

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